Paying Thousands? When You Could've Paid Pennies?



Understanding that starting an online business, can be affordable and profitable. 
It can be expensive and create a net loss for the first couple of years.
It can be any mixture, of any combinations in between.

But, what we both know is that the quickest and easiest way to move forward is with help. Someone to support, nurture, coach and invest in your success.
Someone you can rely on to hold space for you, who keeps asking you the right questions, someone you want to hold you accountable. Someone who gets your values, beliefs and your standards, not to just push theirs. 

Just to let you in on a little secret...
I've never gone to college, university or married into money.
I had my first child at 20 as a single mom.
And the wonderful man I'm married to know... never finished grade 11.

Yet, over the years, with the support of my husband. I've spent more than $100,000 educating myself on what I felt was really important. It helped me, my family and my clients, way beyond measure AND it made us Prosperous!

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