Sister to Sister Saturday interview

Uncategorized Aug 08, 2020

Today Melesha Bailey interviewed me...

We talk business, Raw food, about family as well as how I got started online and why I love helping others to succeed.

Melesha Bailey is a Nutritional Health Coach and owner of Love 4 Life wellness. She's the proud host of the "Sisters 2 Sister Saturday" broadcast on Facebook and Periscope.

These broadcasts are weekly conversations addressing various topics for personal transformation that leads to optimal health, body, mind, and soul. Each week features guest hosts of wellness practitioners, business owners, motivational speakers, authors, and women worldwide sharing their stories.

The goal of the Sisters 2 Sister Saturdays is to engage in compelling conversations that educate, motivate, and encourage women as we pursue to be our best selves and impact the world.

To learn more and hear more interviews from Melesha, like her FB page here...




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