The Leveraged Launch 
28-Days to a profitable online launch

A Step by step system to creating a profitable "Pay-check Plan" by launching your product or service, in as little as 28 days ...even if you have a "little list".

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Here's what you get...

Whether this is your first, third or tenth Launch, It doesn't really matter. What matters, is that each time the launch is improving, and results in more clients and more cash. I'm I right?
Well, here's how we do that...

  • A full step by step plan to follow, from start to finish.
  • The Leveraged Launch Method, know exactly what create before your launch even happens. "Digital Assets" and "Buzz Generators" will get people taking notice, becoming engaged and wanting to learn more. 

    1) How to create success stories - by developing, supporting and nurturing a community.
    2) A set of 3 checklists - to follow on way to create Social Proof.
    3) Daily prompts for 7 days -  of the Live Leverage Launch.
    4) What to do after the Launch Challenge - but before the cart closes.
    5) As well as an all important "Post - Launch Assessment and Evaluation". 

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Need a "Pay-check Plan" that works?

Tired of things not working out in your favour? Wondering what you should be doing when, in order to make online sales? Take out the guess work.

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A Note from LaFaye...

I really believe you are going to LOVE this resource. Most people would never dream of giving this much away! It's like a full course... Did I mention you get a pre-recorded Masterclass as well?

I know that most people struggle with making money online. But it really doesn't need to be that difficult. All any of us need is a process to follow. 

AND I'm giving you my process!
Don't let another day go by...
without a "Pay-Check Plan".

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